planning our work and working our plan…

Here goes. So more than a year ago we all started talking about moving on from the lovely, sultry state of Georgia. Over time as co-workers in a design studio in Savannah, we realized we had lots to say and tons to laugh about, so we managed to coordinate our lives enough to aim for the same destination: Portland! Just like all the other forward-thinking, conscientious, young designers in this land o’ ours.

I’m Sari and I arrived in July. Richard made his way westward next, with a month-long stint in Tanzania, landing in Portland in September. And Darra’s on her way…

In short, we left this:

for this:

A big part of the lure for all of us, I think.

Now, we’re working hard on our own terms to design and make neat things and sell them. The economy being in the toilet is just a minor hiccup as far as we’re concerned…but only time will tell. Bear with us at first as we post things retroactively, memento-style…some bits were too funny to leave out.


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