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tiny triumphs cont…

we’ve got our business cards in hand and the beginnings of a website up at

it really is the little things.

craft show tomorrow so we are in making mode.

photos to follow.


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tiny triumphs.

Every day spent working on this new venture of ours is a constant jumble of to-do lists, priorities, agendas, ideas, tangents, random interruptions, freelance gigs, worries about money….but also lots and lots of laughter.  I’ve never been busier in my life.  The fact that we’re in charge of our own destiny makes it that much more challenging….EVERYTHING’s important.  How do we decide whether to design our business card, make new tote bags, or figure out how to get more people to come to our showroom, when each one is so linked to our potential for success?  It’s mind-blowing. But also incredibly empowering.

This one’s been on the to-do list for quite a while, so actually accomplishing it today was really exciting.  Our studio space at Delia is pretty limited (all three of us share a tiny office, with our co-worker Jeff, too…it’s a pretty funny sight, but it’s the only room we can HEAT) and our bathroom doubles as our darkroom.

I made this reversible sign today and it looks so good hanging on one of Richard’s flower hooks, which are available for purchase on our etsy page:



No matter how cold it is in there when it’s serving as the bathroom, this sign will make me smile.

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we all think alike…sort of.

the first day that darra was here to work at the studio we all went out to lunch at pause, a favorite lunch joint in the neighborhood.  as we got out of the car, we all noticed this great pattern on the street…formed when someone spray painted around a bunch of wrenches…looked so good.  this is why the crosbie is going to work: we all take pleasure in the same simple details but have such different perspectives over all.  perfect!


look for our new “wrench” repeat pattern pillows and tote bags coming soon…

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arrivals and departures

it was my second “official” day at the office today……i have just arrived here to the the wild gray skies of the pacific northwest from sunny savannah, ga. supposedly i got here just three short days after the rain came…mmm……the reputation of Portland, OR as a gray and rainy city is well known, well documented, well talked about, and well dwelled upon….so enough about the weather!

it’s all about the crosbie……………

as the former “customer service and fulfillment coordinator” at our last place of employment, my kind co-workers thought it appropriate that i ship out our first order here at the crosbie… a thoughtful gesture… so upon the completion of a hand screen printed thank you note and a UPS label making tutorial by one of our DELIA friends- i was able to send the coat rack to its new owner…..this is the thank you note (with one of sari’s patterns on it) that was screen printed only minutes before accompanying the package:

the crosbie thank you

                                 ………..our first etsy sale waits to be picked up by UPS……….


                             ……….look, the return address label is from “the crosbie”……….



there will be plenty more of these boxes sitting by the door very soon………..!

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A New Day…

Looks a lot like the old days here at the studio here in North Portland…but something is stirring other than consistently chilly intermittent rain showers:

a) Barack Obama is going to replace George Walter Bush come January. One can feel the elevated mood of the planet on these November winds.

b) Darra Crosby, our namesake and third member of The Crosbie, has just arrived in PDX for the long term as a fellow starving artist alongside the current studio residents; Sari and Richard.

c) We sold some crap yesterday via a craigslist posting that attracted some business to our showroom, and it allegedly will lead to some custom screen printing work!

This dose of novelty has certainly raised our spirits many times over here and should give us enough enthusiasm to last us well into the coming week. To further reenforce our motivation, I have not injured myself in the past week… mostly because I’ve been healing from the injury pictured below.

This is what happens when one does not respect air and metal.

This is what happens when one does not respect air and metal.

This injury occurred while I was helping my room mate build a fence for his back yard. He was operating the nail gun while I held the post in place, foolishly .

Since I am trying to save money while earning nearly no income, I help my room mate renovate his home in order to lower my monthly housing payment.The healing process went surprisingly smoothly with the help of some antibiotics. I can now hold a hammer and enjoy the safety of doing it the old fashioned way.

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craft fairs…yikes.

I think if you asked any of us 6 months ago if we were going to do craft fairs as part of our new biz, we would have said, “hell %!*&@ing NO!” But with our new economic challenges (thank you, George W.) we decided it might be worth a shot. I think about 25% of Portland’s residents are crafty types of one sort or another, and some of them make a living at it…so we did some research and tried one out. Maybe our research skills are not up to par but it was hosted in a weird office building on the fringes of downtown that seemed like it came out of a 70’s movie. The biggest tenant laid off a third of their employees on the day of the show, and it was basically a dead zone except at lunch time because IT WAS HELD IN AN OFFICE BUILDING. Luckily there was a delicious burrito cart outside or it would have been a total bust. Our booth looked good, regardless…


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our sign! so exciting…

Our new sign!  Hanging on the building!  Milestone!  I love it.  I think the combo is good: rusty metal, gray type, turquoise leaves in the corner, and it all looks so good on the green Delia building…hope the crowds start rolling in soon…


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