step one, the studio

so obviously one of our big needs right off the bat was a good place to work.  we got lucky.  my friend chris owns delia: they make furniture and accessories of steel.  he graciously rents us a corner of his shop in north portland…it’s perfect!   this is our door, and when it’s nice out we look out the garage door to the street to see what’s going on in the world…lotsa bikes.

when we were planning what the crosbie would be, we never thought it would involve metal and welding, but since our studio has that potential, richard jumped right in and got to work.  he has a lot of fun…

sometimes our inexperience is detrimental to the shop in general but our studio mates are very understanding…

this is one of the first projects we took on when richard arrived: massive flowers! they’re dangerous and can easily decapitate people.  we recommend you shove them in the yard and leave them alone.  the big guy is about 7 feet tall! 


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