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these pillows are for you, not your pet. we were inspired by our friends’ and parents’ obsessive unconditional love for their pets. after numerous parties/dinners/gatherings where the topic of conversation focused on pets for large lengths of time, we decided this was a pretty good idea…you send us a photo, we print it on a lovely, sophisticated linen accent pillow, in addition to one of our unique patterns.

get your own right here.

very regal subject.

very regal subject.


thanks to ben and christina for volunteering zuzu as our first candidate.


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coming soon…stationery!

we’re taking advantage of the holiday shopping season and the fact that we are suddenly TOTALLY INVOLVED in the pdx craft circuit (a place we never really thought we’d be) to make just about anything that strikes our fancy these days.  we figure we’ll worry about our ‘brand cohesion’ and things like that in the new year, when we’re in the true depths of the dark, cold winter of economic despair.

sometimes this leads to really good discoveries, like note cards!  these are my favorite things we’ve made in a while…coming soon to our etsy store!

green+turquoise+gray.  happiness.

green+turquoise+gray. happiness.

everything looks good on rusty metal.

everything looks good on rusty metal.

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