starting the biz…

in the midst of all the holiday shows, late nights at the studio, and general mayhem (lately this includes snowstorms and really low temps for portland standards, which makes our studio almost unbearable) we’ve been accomplishing some logistical tasks to start up the crosbie just right: banking, accounting, phone service, things of that nature.

this is the crosbie office phone:

moshi moshi

moshi moshi

it lives in darra’s desk drawer.  richard antczak II kindly donated it to the biz.  he may not be aware of this.  anyway, the other day this conversation occured at the studio, loosely centered on finances, as about 75% of our conversations are:

richard: (muttering slightly) we got the phone bill today.

darra: (overly excited, and emerging from around the corner, yelling, gesturing) WE GOT A PHONE CALL TODAY?

richard: no. we got the phone BILL today.

sari: laughing hysterically.

it was truly priceless.  is it normal to get the phone bill before you get a legitimate phone call when starting a business?


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