fabric WORLD

actually…it’s called fabric depot.

sari and i took a trip out to fabric depot here in PDX the other day to pick up some miscellaneous materials. the store has a place in our heart because it’s where we used to order our fabric from when we lived on the east coast. so to actually be there, in the place where they used to cut yards and yards of fabric from bolts and pack it up and ship it to us down in savannah, was just heart stopping.
this place is a treasure…..add it to the many reasons portland is UTOPIA.

*update* um, darra, you forgot the craziest part of this entire experience: for some reason at fabric depot they sell tons of strange dutch candies and snacks.  i bought these weird salty black licorice coins that were the texture of rawhide.  mmmm. terrific!

fabric depot


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