we think we’re really funny.

i was thinking once again today about how lucky i feel to be starting this company with two people that i love and respect so much. today it hit me that we’re all the kind of people that other people want to be around, because we always seem like we are having so much fun. and most of the time it’s true. hopefully this will translate easily into being the kind of people that other people want to buy things from.

to illustrate this point: after a long day at the studio, we were planning on going out for sushi…richard was getting a little impatient waiting for darra to finish listing new things on etsy, so he sat at my desk and composed this to-do list after seeing mine there…

RSA III strikes again.

RSA III strikes again.

apologies for the foul language at the top of the page. not our doing. but still quite funny.



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3 responses to “we think we’re really funny.

  1. Ben

    You guys are having fun and I definitely wasn’t offended.

  2. rubi

    I can help you rent the steamship. Bill will be driving one from SFO to Mystic Seaport next month.

  3. ’tis rather humorous! 🙂

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