tiny triumphs.

Every day spent working on this new venture of ours is a constant jumble of to-do lists, priorities, agendas, ideas, tangents, random interruptions, freelance gigs, worries about money….but also lots and lots of laughter.  I’ve never been busier in my life.  The fact that we’re in charge of our own destiny makes it that much more challenging….EVERYTHING’s important.  How do we decide whether to design our business card, make new tote bags, or figure out how to get more people to come to our showroom, when each one is so linked to our potential for success?  It’s mind-blowing. But also incredibly empowering.

This one’s been on the to-do list for quite a while, so actually accomplishing it today was really exciting.  Our studio space at Delia is pretty limited (all three of us share a tiny office, with our co-worker Jeff, too…it’s a pretty funny sight, but it’s the only room we can HEAT) and our bathroom doubles as our darkroom.

I made this reversible sign today and it looks so good hanging on one of Richard’s flower hooks, which are available for purchase on our etsy page: http://www.thecrosbie.etsy.com.



No matter how cold it is in there when it’s serving as the bathroom, this sign will make me smile.


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