A New Day…

Looks a lot like the old days here at the studio here in North Portland…but something is stirring other than consistently chilly intermittent rain showers:

a) Barack Obama is going to replace George Walter Bush come January. One can feel the elevated mood of the planet on these November winds.

b) Darra Crosby, our namesake and third member of The Crosbie, has just arrived in PDX for the long term as a fellow starving artist alongside the current studio residents; Sari and Richard.

c) We sold some crap yesterday via a craigslist posting that attracted some business to our showroom, and it allegedly will lead to some custom screen printing work!

This dose of novelty has certainly raised our spirits many times over here and should give us enough enthusiasm to last us well into the coming week. To further reenforce our motivation, I have not injured myself in the past week… mostly because I’ve been healing from the injury pictured below.

This is what happens when one does not respect air and metal.

This is what happens when one does not respect air and metal.

This injury occurred while I was helping my room mate build a fence for his back yard. He was operating the nail gun while I held the post in place, foolishly .

Since I am trying to save money while earning nearly no income, I help my room mate renovate his home in order to lower my monthly housing payment.The healing process went surprisingly smoothly with the help of some antibiotics. I can now hold a hammer and enjoy the safety of doing it the old fashioned way.


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