craft fairs…yikes.

I think if you asked any of us 6 months ago if we were going to do craft fairs as part of our new biz, we would have said, “hell %!*&@ing NO!” But with our new economic challenges (thank you, George W.) we decided it might be worth a shot. I think about 25% of Portland’s residents are crafty types of one sort or another, and some of them make a living at it…so we did some research and tried one out. Maybe our research skills are not up to par but it was hosted in a weird office building on the fringes of downtown that seemed like it came out of a 70’s movie. The biggest tenant laid off a third of their employees on the day of the show, and it was basically a dead zone except at lunch time because IT WAS HELD IN AN OFFICE BUILDING. Luckily there was a delicious burrito cart outside or it would have been a total bust. Our booth looked good, regardless…



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